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Dolce & Gabbana
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Make an Italian statement while wearing this royal brand. To stand out with any D&G eyewear is how you make a name for yourself. The love for Italy goes beyond the country, it’s a lifestyle so why not take it with you wherever go. Fashion’s notable duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, creates an Italian party with every look.

By mixing in the Italian culture with style, and adding family heritage within their accessories. There’s a combination of art meets luxury that defines any D&G eyewear collection. D&G believes in designing a celebration look within any pair. Includes sunglasses with gold/black baroque details, to the statement lens, and striking mambo prints.

Along with eyeglasses & sunglasses with the round, cat-eye, and square frames that shares the bold D&G logo.

While showcasing sunglasses with a gallery of crystals, embellished stones, vibrant designs. Owning a pair of D&G eyewear displays a masterpiece of style that’s intriguing on all levels.

D&G Women’s Sunglasses 4 Looks To Try: 0DG4307BF, 0DG4279F, 0DG4286, & 0DG2170B

D&G Women’s Eyeglasses 4 Looks To Try: 0DG3268F, 0DG1292, 0DG3247, & 0DG3262

D&G Men’s Eyeglasses & Sunglasses 4 Looks To Try: 0DG1284, 0DG3270, 0DG4284, & 0DG4238

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